Workshop Update May 11, 2012

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Work on the POV Toy continues, further calibration and tweaking. We’re getting really close to the end result we want. Documentation on the open source USB stack is very close to completion, look for a full announcement next week.

The John Doe board from the flux off needs a second revision with more room around the rotary encoder placement. Currently the knobs run into the LCD. Firmware is moving along and a first version is almost complete. The bill of materials is complete and ready to go to Seeed for a quote.

We’re making a big push to have more beautiful graphics and documentation. Check out our remodeled YouTube channel, and update-in-progress Facebook page. We’re also rendering the 3D project models to use in graphics and documentation.

Any moment another new project will be available at Seeed Studio (pictured above). All we can say is that it’s already become a go-to tool in the workshop.

On the business side we’re reconciling our monthly account statement with Seeed, and following up on some wholesale orders. Free PCB codes went out today, a batch of PCBs will be mailed this weekend.

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4 Responses to “Workshop Update May 11, 2012”

  1. Sobh says:

    Is the new board a programmable current sink?

  2. Arup says:

    Is the picture of a PSU project?

  3. Xykon says:

    Hmm that looks similar to the ATX power supply “breakout” board from SparkFun… I’ve been using that for a while but I always found it too bulky and it’s providing a LOT more amps than you normally need which can easily destroy your stuff if you make a simple mistake… (though replacing the standard shipped fuses did help a bit). I’m really hoping this is a lot better…

    My guess at this time: It’s connected to a 12V power supply and steps down to 5V and 3V3 with regulators… or maybe even a notebook type 14V+ supply with additional 12V regulator?

  4. Kenneth says:

    If you read the docs, it might be an intresting project. however, it seems like there is a 500mA limit, but I’d like to use it as a car 5V supply that would be able to provide 5V for a few usb devices. My smartphone wants more than 500mA when it’s been used as navigation.

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