NFC TI TRF7970A breakout board V1.1 update

Benjamin made a small update on his NFC TI TRF7970A breakout board. The board is designed to provide you access to RFID and similar RF protocols. Benjamin has 15 boards he is willing to giveaway, so contact him on his blog if you’re interested.

It is just a little update on the new board TI TRF7970A Breakout Board v1.1 I have built, I have ordered 20 PCB, it is a minor update/clean-up of the board to be easier to use (especially with SPI+SS mode which can be now selected by using simple Short Circuit Block Cap).

Via the forum.

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  1. Hi
    If it is open source , I would like to buy some of your boards that work with STM32F407 discovery board. you can contact me by my email. b.khoshbin at gmail


  2. hey, i want to interface NFC module(ACR122U) with arduino is possible. If it is, then can you please suggest me how to interface and the code for the same …..

    1. Finally it works??

      I’m trying to control TRF7970A from arduino and it’s really hard! Can anybody have experience with that chip controlled with SPI?

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