DIY Arduino 6-channel temperature monitor

Johnathan Hottell wanted a way to monitor and display the temperature readings at various points around the engine on his LB7 Duramax diesel truck. He developed this project for a six channel temperature monitor employing a bank of thermistors to monitor various engine locations. They are read each second by the Arduino’s analog pins, with the values interpreted and temperatures displayed on a Nokia 3310 LCD screen.

He notes: “A commercial style temperature scanner can cost hundreds of dollars, this project minimizes that cost.” This is a good example of the cost savings that can be realized using a DIY open source solution.

The schematic, Arduino sketch and LCD library can be found on Johnathan’s website. Additional coverage and a BOM can be found on the Jameco project page.

Via Jameco.

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  1. To save board space you can also use 1-wire bus and supporting sensors and just daisychain them. Of course installation can be trickier in certain places that way.

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