Workshop update May 8, 2012

Starting today we’ll post a daily summary of our work in the forum and workshop. Our goal is to better track our progress on projects, but also give you a closer look at what’s going on to get feedback earlier in the process.

In the workshop we finished building the secret board from the second flux off video. So far so good, but we came up with a handful of changes to implement before the first production version. Tomorrow we’ll write some firmware.

We also started work on another cool breakout board for a new chip nobody else is offering yet. Unfortunately this project is also under wraps, you’ll have to be patient until we publicly unveil it.

After two years the USB POV Toy might actually be completed. We had problems soldering the LGA-packaged MMA7455 accelerometer on the latest prototype, it’s a tiny chip without any exposed leads at all. Pietja came to the rescue and soldered 4 of them for us (pictured above). The boards arrived today, so we’ll finish the final prototype this afternoon. Thanks Pietja!

There’s also a lot of activity on the open source USB stack by JTR and Honken. We’re diving in to prepare a release package and documentation. Look for some new firmware based on the latest stack later this week.

In the office we’re consolidating PayPal transactions into GnuCash, the accounting software we use.

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  1. Waiting eagerly for the unveiling of the mystery project! So much secrecy– perhaps dangerousprototypes and skunkworks?

    1. My first thought was that it looked like an old billy club. Fan blade would be more appropriate, though.

  2. IAN , would like to know if the open workbench sniffer does Protocols 1-Wire, I2C, SPI, JTAG, asynchronous serial (UART), MIDI, PC keyboard, HD44780 LCDs, and generic 2- and 3-wire libraries as in BUS Pirate Version 4
    thanx shailesh

    1. The OLS client software can decode I2C, SPI, UART, and a few others, but not all of these. OLS does not output any of them.

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