Inexpensive Sniffer reveals 802.15.4 packet details

Posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 in logic analyzer by DP

Jon used TI’s SmartRF Protocol Packet Sniffer to reveal 802.15.4 wireless packet details:

For the last several months my work with the XBee modules from Digi International involved using a logic analyzer to monitor the serial communications to and from the modules so I could measure the times between transmissions and view data streams as hexadecimal characters. The logic analyzer worked well, but I wanted to look at the wireless information, too, to help me better understand the communications.

Thanks DSM! Via the contact form.

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6 Responses to “Inexpensive Sniffer reveals 802.15.4 packet details”

  1. Mahesh Sutariya says:


    Have you used Xbee with TI packet sniffer?looks like from your description..
    I am looking for similar way to interface TI packet sniffer to sniff packet from my custom hardware based on CC2530 and appreciate you help..


    • Andrew says:

      Just to clarify, I am pretty sure he used the TI module to sniff traffic, not an XBee module. He could see traffic to/from an XBee module, but the sniffer was the TI module.

  2. Jon Titus says:

    Yes, I have used the TI sniffer with XBee modules (Series 1) and plan to use it with XBee Series 2 modules. The sniffer should work fine with the TI CC2530 chips for IEEE 802.15.4 communications as well as ZigBee, RF4CE…

    You might be interested in my new book, “The Hands-On XBee Lab Manual,” due out of May 15th, 2012. It has 22 experiments that help you understand how to use these modules, and it has source code for ARM mbed, Arduino Uno, and ChipKit uno32 modules, plus configuration files for the XBee modules. See:–XBEE-Manual-Communications/dp/0123914043.

    This is a bit self promotional, but it will help people understand how to use XBee modules to their fullest. Cheers. –Jon

  3. Paul Wilkie says:

    I am currently using a RealTek USB hardware interface with SDR# to identify a specific 900 MHZ RF signal. How can I add the RealTek USB device to TI’s Smart RF Packet Sniffer app to capture data?

  4. w1zardb3ard says:

    That EDN link has been changed (the mustve messed with their url scheme). Here is the up-to-date link for the article

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