Hua Qiang Bei District electronics market in Shenzhen, China

Guys over at Seeed wrote about their neighborhood, the Hua Qiang Bei District located in Shenzhen China. This is arguably the largest electronics market in the world. Covering several city blocks populated by ten story buildings all blistering with electronics shops.

This will be our next Global Geek Tour which we’ll be visiting in April. We’ll check out how it compares to the Akihibara in Tokyo, and Cheonggyecheon in Seoul. As with all our Global Geek Tour events expect videos and detailed pics to follow.

Image by Bobbie: CC BY-SA

Via Seeed.

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    1. No you don’t because it could not legally exist.
      Many of the items are fake or from dubious sources , then there is the ‘ trim a reel scam’.
      So many people have been scammed in this area when they buy components that it is just not funny, I have seen whole production runs destroyed, by ‘substitute’ scammers.
      (People who work in a local electronics OEM factory who sneak out genuine components , then go here to sell genuine and replace with cheap second rate scrap, with whatever label you want printed on the reel.)

      I know some of the traders quite well, been ‘doing the rounds’ for over 22 years and as for the ‘best prices’ very very amusing.

      1. i still think it is fun to go there and see all the action. Iḿ counting on seeed they know where to the stuff and showing us around to show the real deal, but also like to see the scams :)

        We wont go for the bulk part, but as in Akihabara we trying to fun the hard to get or too geek to be good products. The plan is to meet also some ebay sellers that have proven reliable to us.

    2. You don’t sound “hardcore” to me. If you know what you are doing, there are tons of fun toys. Blame yourself for greed just to save a few bucks. Heck, you may even try to scam your own company by buying cheap.

      1. Plenty of scammers around and it’s not just cheap stuff, I’ve been the victim of it myself quite a number of times in Industry. Fake components are a huge problem for industry, even when buying from some long term trusted industry suppliers.

  1. Can you please make up an Ebook for the Kindle or e-reader from your travels? I would like to see all of the articles in one place. Thank you.

    1. Great idea. When we’re done with the Trilogy (China in about 3 weeks), then I’ll try to make up a compilation. I also plan to “finish” the videos, as I only get about 48 hours after landing to edit down hours of footage and the cuts are pretty rough.

  2. I’ve been going there on and off for the last 10 years and I agree that you need to keep on your toes. If you have time shoot me some names(Latin or Chinese characters) of good shops to vist as I think I’ll be back there soon this year.

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