Breakout board for the Stellaris ARM Cortex 3 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments

Emeryth designed a breakout board for the Stellaris ARM Cortex 3 microcontrollers from Texas Instruments. It supports either LM3S3748 (USB device/host) or LM3S6938 (Ethernet). The LM3S6938 requires and additional Ethernet daughter board.

He based his design of Texas Instruments evaluation boards. You can download the source files from his site.

Via the forum.

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  1. Looks great! Can you tell me what size text you used for the designators? I am working on a board that will be sent to iTead and currently using 8mil wide, 40mil high (ratio of 5 suggested) and it just looks a little too big to me. Wondering if i can get away with 7/35 or 6/30…the smaller, the better! :)

  2. I’ve seen this picture multiple times, but only just now noticed the creative soldering.

    I think that is the default text size used in this silkscreen.(?) Around 1/16th inch, it is still legible at half that (1/32nd)

  3. Hey i have some ARM LM3S3748 chips and i want to use them to learn from them. i want to start off with making a PCB for it. So the first thing i must do is to solder and have its pins taken out. so i can use it with ease.

    Can i use this design, may i know if you have successfully tried this?
    there are lot of my friends loads who are willing to get this done.
    thanks heaps for your answer.

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