Giveaway: VFD tube sets winners

Today we announce the winners of the VFD tube set contest. There were lots of great ideas for projects based on the VFD tube, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Brian O., his idea for an odometer, mounted on his power wheelchair scored a VFD tube set:

Many posters are forgetting one important thing: VFDs are power hungry, and the only reason an engineer would choose a VFD over an LED or LCD is if they want the display to be readable in bright lab lighting, or outdoors, and at large viewing angles.

So the best application for 6 VFD’s would be something that is counting, and it’s used outdoors, and many people would want to gather around it and see it, thus the need for a large viewing angle.

So I propose an odometer, mounted on my power wheelchair (it has 24Volts via two 12V lead acid batteries). This thing would be so cool and never before seen on a wheelchair, that everyone would gather around just to see it in action. :)

It will be PIC based, with a PONG-style screensaver when I am not moving for a while. The odometer will use an optical encoder wheel to count revolutions of the main tires.

It can double as a trip-distance counter, and would also have a clock, of course. At night, I can read a book by the light of 6 VFDs in segment test mode 888888.

Jordan scores the second VFD tube set:

Man, the things I would do with a few VFDs. Gauges for feedback from our autonomous sailboat would be first up. A backlit LCD for map graphics and the tubes for readings all mounted in acrylic. They’d make a bitchin display for an amp. A multimeter would certainly put them to frequent use, a nixie clock would be nice but isn’t really necessary these days with so many digital clocks around and it’d be a shame to waste them.

We would love to know what becomes of these projects so please share them with us in the forum or via the contact form.

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas.

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  1. Those VFD tube look greats ! i wish one day to build something with something like this. they are far more nice than leds :o)

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