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Posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012 in oscilloscope by the machinegeek

David from Nut&Bolt has written a short overview of affordable oscilloscopes (sub 400 euro) on his website.

Via the contact form.

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5 Responses to “Oscilloscope overview”

  1. Jose Sa says:

    An oscilloscope is one of the harder itens to get due its price and the weight limits the abillity of buying abroad!
    Even second hand ones can be expensive. I’ve seen people ask 400-500 euros for 1970’s scopes in second hand site.

  2. A.Lizard says:

    You can get the Rigol scopes from . I got my DS1052E for about $400 USD including shipping (from China), it’s done a good job for me so far and I haven’t even applied the hack that changes it from a 50Mhz scope to a 100 MHz scope yet.

  3. jwschull says:

    A quick comment.

    I purchased, after much research, a owon sds7102 for about $425.00 USD off of ebay (gobuyjudy2009). Took some time to get it. The quick turnaround promised didn’t happen. Something to do with a firmware update..?

    But let me say I’m quite pleased with the product. AND I understand it can be obtained from Saelig for 425.00 USD now.

  4. voidptr says:

    Santa please may I have one ? :o)

  5. kingjay says:

    I bought a SDS1102CML on ebay. The channel can independent control,larger memory depth 2M, larger screen 7″ 8*18div , and cheaper.

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