DP Eagle part library cleanup and naming standards

We decided to clean up our Eagle part library and start using a new part naming scheme. The old library was getting confusing to work with, here’s our new part naming conventions:

  • general naming style [category]_[function]_[partnumber]
  • if function is unavailabel the folowing will be used [category]_[partnumber]
  • Capacitors, Resistors, and diodes will all use the same device, with different packages.
  • Transistors will use the following convection TRANSISTOR_[type]_[partnumber], types used are BJT, FET,…
  • Displays are named DISPLAY_[type of display, or partnumber]
  • Connectors are named CON_[type of connector]_[number of pins]

Don’t forget our Eagle part library is public domain and available for download. Do whatever you want with it.

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  1. Are you also moving to Eagle6 with the new part library?

    Did you maybe consider moving from Eagle to something more open and less limited like (gEDA, KiCAD ..) since most of the limitations of the KiCAD/gEDA you don’t really notice (as Eagle also don’t allow you to back annotate changes in schematic etc etc) so functionality ain’t going to go “down” from Eagle6 to gEDA or KiCAD and limitations will surely drop :D. Since you are making your library from scratch, it might be the ideal moment to consider this move, before you invest again a lot of time/money into Eagle.

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