What was your latest electronics acquisition?

Posted on Friday, January 20th, 2012 in components by DP

Voidptr started a thread about the latest electronics gizmo you acquired. Post your latest components, tools, or anything else electronics-related you bought or salvaged recently.

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18 Responses to “What was your latest electronics acquisition?”

  1. bluehash says:

    Not mine, but SugarAddict from the 43oh Forums did bring a bunch of LCDs from his low cost booster pack:

  2. Alvaro says:

    Almost none :) All have been offered.

    Last bought:

    Carbon Film Resistor 5%1/4W Assortment Kit 2500pcs Pack
    — for 7400 contest following: —
    2x 74HCT14N Hex schmitt trigger INVERTER
    2x 4555N Dual binary 1 of 4 DECODER/DEMULTIPLEXER
    4x 74HC112N Dual J-K negative edge triggered FLIP FLOP, preset and clear
    3x 4518N Dual BCD up COUNTER
    2x 74HC00N Quad 2-input NAND gate
    4x 74HCT173N 4-bit D type REGISTER, 3-state
    2x 4511N BCD to 7-segment LATCH/DECODER/DRIVER
    2x 74HC02N Quad 2-input NOR gate
    2x 4516N Binary up down COUNTER
    2x 74HCT04N Hex INVERTER
    8x 2N3819 N-Channel JFET TO-92 [not used for contest]
    6x 2N2222 NPN Transistor
    2x 74HC4511
    CAPS: 1NF,10NF,100NF, 470nF, 1u,10u,100u (10 each)

  3. James says:

    I bought a B&K Precision 1786 0-30V programmable power supply off of Fleabay for $100. It had a broken negative binding post on the front. Ordered both a red and black and replaced them both just so I would never have to take it apart again. The cover alone had 14 screws in it. Real happy with it so far. Manual was still available and software also for the RS232 interface which I still need to check..

  4. Thatcher says:

    Three EasyDrivers and some ribbon cable from SparkFun for my CNC. I’m pretty excited about that!

  5. Chuckt says:

    I bought an STM 32 Discovery board and I need to learn how to get an LCD running on it. I also bought a PS2 to Breadboard adapter.

  6. Casey says:

    Rigol ds1052e here, my first scope really excited about it already improved my understanding of analog. Now if I could just get the open logic Sniffer my home lab will be complete.

  7. JBeale says:

    My very own rubidium atomic clock, the FE-5680A (it uses an electron hyperfine transition in Rubidium-87). Surplus units are now well under $50 from your favorite auction site. (Actually I got three, because it’s so stable I don’t have anything else as good to check it against). I also started a FAQ about it:

  8. Anthony says:

    Rf Harris 103 1000 watt tube amp for the hf ham band it has a 4000v 1 amp dc power saply in it and 1 huge glass tube the size of a baby’s head that’s glows wen you talk in a mic 3-1000z got for free old equipment
    Dumpster dive 300 pounds mini fridge

  9. Dan says:

    I bought a Rigol DS1152E 100MHz Oscilloscope! It’s been an awesome tool to use :-)

  10. JacobB says:

    A Bus Pirate, Sparkfun Soldering Iron, Spikenzie Labs’ Sippino Arduino clone and the biggest purchase was a Printrbot!

  11. I bought 220 pounds of power supplies from Los Alamos surplus auction. The biggest power supply being 40V at 50 amps, 90 pounds, got that for $30.

    • hak8or says:

      I hate being in the north east sometimes! :( We never get such awesome stuff like that, I am so envious of that huge variable power supply! TWO KILLAWATS HOLY JESUS!

  12. Vladimir says:

    I ordered some NE555’s and TI OpAmp ;)

  13. DrF says:

    I got a analogue multi-meter for 99p from a local store not sure if that counts :p

  14. mimarob says:

    I salveged the vga input part of a broken flatscreen monitor. I am going to connect it to my OLS and make a proof-of-concept for a dirt-cheap ghetto-ip-kvm.

    • hak8or says:

      If you feel really daring and adventurous, you can try to connect the FPGA directly to the actual LCD panel using LVDS! Presuming OLS is referring to the open bench logic sniffer. :P

      • mimarob says:

        Yes it is the OLS I got (great stuff btw) but can the xc3 spartan really make the frequencies required?

        I could of course just cut the board traces and patch the signal back, but I need more fpga pins for this :-)

        I have a friend who was thinking of making custom video overlays to prank his friends, but he was more into making a vga-in-vga-out box to slip in between the computer and monitor.

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