ITead mystery PCB: Current consumption monitor

Schazamp received a few mystery PCBs from Itead’s open PCB service. He contacted the designer who was kind enough to leave contact information on his PCB. The board is a current consumption monitor:

It’s basically a current monitor based off an AtMEGA328, which I am programming using the Arduino bootloader. Really quite simple stuff :) It’ll show the battery voltage, and current consumption on a 16×2 lcd. And from that, I can calculate the power, too.

The current measuring is done by a 100A “HASS 100-S” current transducer. The analog signal processing is done by the Microchip Op-amp. The voltage measuring is done by a simple voltage divider on the supply rail. Would have been better with 4-wire measuring, but I was lazy, and the voltage drop across the wires is minimal :)

Via the forum.

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