Bus Pirate firmware v6.1 now available

Bus Pirate firmware v6.1 is now available for download. This version fixes a big bug with the SUMP logic analyzer mode, and includes other small updates for hardware v3 and v4.

Bus Pirate firmware v6.1 changelog:

  • Fixed broken SUMP logic analyzer mode
  • Detect v3a/v3b/v3.5/eBay version in v3 hardware
  • Verified v4 firmware detect chip revision
  • Verified v4 has no 8 and 48 byte USB stack errors
  • UART autobaud detect improvements, make the ‘Nearest Common Baud’ function smarter (v4) Thanks Brent!
  • Verified UART autobaud to macro (v4)
  • Trimmed the autobaud text a little for size (v4)
  • Bus Pirate bitbang mode IO fix. Thanks tes! (v4)
  • Verified the USB led (v4)
  • Moved SVN completely to Dangerous Prototypes hardware SVN

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  1. The V3 firmware file has a typo in the file name:

    It installs fine (on a sparkfun BP).

  2. Apparently removed from 6.1:
    – BASIC Script Engine
    – Alternate “extra” mode firmware (DIO, JTAG, PC Keyboard, etc…) is not available in the .zip.

    Anything else missing? And where do I find 5.9 if I happen to need one of those?

    1. Those were all moved into the -extras firmware. It should be included in the v6.1 archive, probable called -extras-v5.9 because there was no need to update it. Just load it as you would any other Bus Pirate firware.

    2. Doh! Yes, there it is in the “old-versions” folder. I guess I skipped that because I was thinking about it being the most current firmware for the extra mode and script engine. Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. Hey! There’s a minor off-by-one error in the source.

    in pirate-loader-source/source/pirate-loader.c, line 712
    replug the devide and try again
    "devide" should be "device"

  4. Hi even after flashing the extras 5.9 i still have no jtag option in “m”.. Does it matter witch firmware was flashed before i flash the extras? I have a buspirate 3.6 withc atm has bootloader 4 and firmware 6.1.

    Does anyone have a similar experience.. jtag missing?

  5. I have a bus pirate v3.6a which comes default with v4+ bootloader and firmware 5.10
    However I needed to upgrade to 6.1 for the openocd support.

    I used the GUI tool to upgrade with a paper clip and the correct firmware all according to the upgrade documentation.

    However after the upgrade I reset the bus pirate replug the USB and opened a terminal. No longer does the (help) menu appears not entering any key like “I” results in anything. It’s just stuck.

    Help needed because I don’t know what went wrong

  6. Alright. Found the issue.

    I was doing it all from Linux ubuntu 16.04 with mono. That was because I couldn’t get the cli tool running. I compared the ds30 application with windows and there seems to be some settings different by default and I guess also something underneath happens which would corrupt the firmware. Luckily I could still upload firmware to it from windows client and it worked.

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