Teensy 2.0 based transistor tester

Posted on Friday, December 30th, 2011 in project logs by DP

Wingnut decided to port the AVR transistor tester to his Teensy 2.0 board. The transistor tester is a tool for identifying and measuring common discrete semiconductors and passive devices.

I decided to port the component tester (freely using Google Translate to get some sense of the comments) as my first hands-on tutorial, and managed to get it up and running this morning!

Have not exhaustively tested yet but it correctly identified known BJTs, Mosfets and Triacs from my parts bin.The hFE values seem to be a bit off on some scavenged BJTs. And on a couple of NMOS power fets, I had to transpose the leads before it was correctly recognized (otherwise identified as a capacitor on two of the pins).

Via the forum.

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