PACE-ST50 soldering station with a TD100 pencil

Arhi recently received his PACE-ST50 soldering station and wrote about his first impressions (mechanical translation).

A simple aluminum box with a display and a few buttons is the as most soldering stations. What sets this one apart from most cheap soldering stations is the complex electronics and features packed inside.

  • Support for InteliHeat type pencils (heater and temperature sensor integrated in the tip)
  • Automatic SetBack. Once the pencil isn’t used for a preselected amount of time the station drops the temperature to 170 degrees C
  • Automatic shut-down. Once a preselected period expires in SetBack mode the station shuts down

Arhi bought the TD100 InteliHeat pencil to go with this station. The tips have the heater and temperature sensor integrated into them, so they respond quickly to changes in tip temperature. When the tip touches a cold component, the station activates the heater to compensate.

Another advantage to the TD100 type tips is that you can change them in 2 seconds while they are still hot. A silicon removal tool that grips the hot tip and allows you to quickly remove it.

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  1. Machine translation is awful :( so if you find a paragraph that’s un-understandable I can translate it here :) … anyhow, most interesting on that blog post are the pictures :D

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