Workshop update: firmware and soldering station

An update from the workshop. Bus Pirate firmware v6 is coming, IR Toy v22 is now in beta. Also a look at the Aoyue 968 soldering station.

Grab the latest v6 firmware release candidate here.

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  1. I like these videos. Will you make them available for download too, or will we only be able to watch on YouTube? (Maybe bandwidth is a concern?) I look forward to the new cameras and angles. Consider how you might do tight board close-ups; maybe with a decent Web cam on an arm-mount of some type – or invest in a trinocular zoom inspection scope ;-)

    1. Thanks Drone. The original files are about 800mb, on the other hand maybe only a few people actually download them. Could always stash them on a cheap could disk somewhere (eg Amazon).

      This video was also done with new software, Pinnacle Studio HD. At first I hated it – my fairly powerful system was completely useless while editing, and totally stalled while compressing. System monitor said only 2% of one processor was used, but 10GB of memory. OK….

      So after messing with it for a while, I turn off ‘hardware acceleration’ and it started flying. Stupid app was offloading everything to my wimpy, fan-less graphics card. I bought the cheapest video card without a fan a couple years ago because the last few monster cards I got started making tons of noise after 6-12 months (and of course no way to get replacement fans).

  2. Just upload them to… you can upload up to 1GB per file….its, free for upload and download. Free downland speeds are around 5Mbit/s or 500KB/s.

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