nedoCPU-32 PIC32 breakout build and review

Schazamp received a nedoCPU-32 32bit PIC breakout board from Shaos. He built stuffed it and got a simple “blink LED” firmware to run on it quickly.

This is a nice board, and I’m looking forward to messing around with it. It might be a good starting point for trying to adapt the chip-kit Arduino bootloader and platform onto a DIP PIC, since there are some with more RAM available than the ATmega328 in the same package at what looks like a marginally cheaper price (<$3 vs. ~$3.50), plus, it looks like the PIC32MX1XX series has the pins that might match up (the 2XX series, with USB support, I don’t think has enough I/O pins). I have some of the 1XX series on the way, so maybe I’ll get somewhere with that.

The nedoCPU-32 is breakout board for the PIC32 microcontrollers that come in through-hole packages. Shaos has them on sale as PCBs only or as a DIY kit.

Via the forum.

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