Cadsoft Eagle v6 bug

We received this error when using the new version of Eagle:

WARNING: Most unfortunately, after the whole release process for version 6.0.0 had been finished, it turned out that there is a bug in the polygon handling of the CAM Processor.
If a board contains signal polygons that have their “Orphans” parameter set to “off”, and the CAM Processor is used to generate production data with the “pos. Coord” (positive coordinates) option turned on, and if this actually leads to an offset in the CAM data, it can happen that parts of the signal polygons are not drawn, even though they are not orphans, and vice versa.
This may lead to missing electrical connections or copper in places where this is not intended.
As an immediate workaround you can turn the “pos. Coord” option off.
We are working on a solution for this and will release a fixed version as soon as possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ve decided to hold off on our transition to v6 for a few months. We are looking forward to the new copy & paste functions, as well as the open XML file format.

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