Arup’s DIY fine-pitch soldering technique

Arup started building his Nokia LCD breakout boards and shared his soldering technique for the 0.5mm pitch connector.

First he aligns and fixes the connector in place with a bit of sticky tape. Next he applies some flux. Now the interesting part is that when he solders the connector he doesn’t use any additional solder. Only the tin already on the PCB is used to make the connection. For a more in depth pictorial check out his post.

Via the forum.

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  1. Before I have tried SMD soldiering and just destroyed the chip…. but after watching Ian soldier SMD and how he said flux this flux that i orderd some flux; 3 things of cheap watery kaster flux and one syringe of semi-expensive flux. Well my cheap flux came today so I tried it again; man it was so easy! the board I was soldiering too has the header pins sooo close to the SMD pins (bad design) it was super hard not to cause the pins to short; but id say 3-5 came out fine! I cant wait to try it with the good flux..

    its amazing how much flux helps! its like night and day!

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