Help the Nanode win Internet of Things Award

The Nanode in an inexpensive development board with an ENC28J60 Ethernet chip and an Arduino. It does everything the Arduino does, and adds Internet-connectivity. It was featured extensively in our Homecamp4 coverage.

Recently the Nanode was nominated for best open source project in the Internet of Things Awards, along with the Arduino itself. The well-known and vastly popular Arduino is dominating the competition.

We’re trying to help get the Nano a few more votes because it makes use of the Arduino, but extends it to actually be part of the Internet of Things. If you’re interested in the Internet of Things, Nanode would appreciate your vote.

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  1. We really appreciate the support that all of you at Dangerous Prototypes have given us.

    Nanode is a new venture from June 2011 and we have sold just 1600 units in 6 months – compared to the millions of Arduinos and clones sold since 2005.

    We acknowledge that we are standing on the shoulders of giants – and we would not be where we are if it were not for what Arduino has done before us.

    We hope to work more closely with the Dangerous Prototype crew – and bring more exciting open source hardware to you all in 2012

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Yours – most appreciatively

    The Nanode Team

    Contact us at nanodenanode at gmail dot com

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