LED shops on Akihabara Electric Town tour

We were amazed by the number of dedicated LED shops at Akihabara Electric town. On our short tour we encountered 6 or more shops dedicated to selling only LEDs – who’s supporting them all?

This sign is made from plastic coated strips of RGB LEDs. Each is individually addressable. We almost went blind trying to make out the IC you can see between each LED.

More photos below the fold.

Reels of 5meter long plastic LED strips. Each reel is a single color, and costs from $100 to $150 depending on color.

Another, and another, and anther. Tokyo must consume a ton of LED strips!

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  1. I guess the led thingy has to do with the tsunami. The powercompany did ask the people to us less power, and they did. Using leds would save some power I guess (the shops are compensating that though ;))

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