Part shops in the maze on the Akihibara Electric Town tour

Our first stop on the Akihibara tour was a maze of stores with electronic components, mainly through hold stuff. These specific shops are slated to be torn down soon, and the stands will move to a new building deeper in Akihibara. We were lucky to see this popular labyrinth of stands before it’s gone.

More photos below the fold.

The building was a maze with at least two floors that we found. It was crowded and tight. We felt like we were in the way most of the time.

Most stands were no more than a meter or two wide. You take a dish and put your parts in it. Pay the owner when you’re done.

One of the best parts of buying parts here is the opportunity to touch and hold the parts. It’s so hard to order knobs, transformers, relays, and other odd parts from a catalog. We need to hold them to really know how it will fit into a project. Our usual solution is to order one of each and pick the best, but this is much more fun!


Prices are reasonable, but not cheap. There’s 100Yen to a Euro, or about $1.30USD. These potentiometers rand from $2-$4 dollars, about what we pay in the local electronics shop, but with an unbelievable selection. This is just one stand, but there were easily a dozen stands in this building alone with the same selection.

More parts like battery holders, connectors, and buzzers that are hard to pick from a catalog.

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  1. Man..I would love to find stuff there. Nothing like finding parts you will prolly never use! good to have though

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