Tool and equipment shops at Akihibara Electric Town tour

Akihibara has a great selection of tools and equipment too. Our favorite PCB drill press was widely available.

More photos below the fold.

This shop has new and used test equipment. They had some serious equipment for testing PCBs, assembly quality, and ROHS lead-free compliance. There were even gas spectrometers for discovering the Colonel’s secret blend of herbs and spices.

This shop specialized in lathes and cutting edges.

Soldering equipment and all varieties of magnifiers.

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  1. How come you guys get to have all the fun!

    When I was a kid, living in Japan, Akihabara was nowhere this cool!

    Now, it’s like a movie set out of BladeRunner or “The Matrix”. What happened?!

    Have fun and when shopping, err on the side of a maxed out credit card. You might not be back so soon!

  2. haha thats true. If I went that I would easily spend way to much; then when I got home be like ‘what the heck did i buy all this crap for’ then sit in my parts closet for eternity.

  3. Going in there, I’d probably leave broke and end up with a pile of parts that I have no direct use for…

    1. I admit I had zero interest in going to Japan/Tokyo. Would never have done it in a million years after the bad impression I got living in Hawaii.

      Still no interest in Japan the country, but Tokyo was a total mind bender! I would go back tomorrow, and I’m plotting to go hang out for 6months or so to really absorb the city. The whole trip was a non-stop freak show (in the best way!), and I’m SO glad I had the opportunity to go!

  4. yeah but you would have to mail yourself most everything you bought prolly; as i doubt you can take electronics on dometic let alone international flights (atleast not a suicase full :) so you end up paying for shipping anyhow might as well just buy online.

    1. I did bring quite a lot, but they didn’t searched my case. I did anticipate for it by putting all things in the same section of the suitcase to minimize their searching needs, kept the original bags and have the receipt on me just in case.

      It wasn’t full to the brim as I need some space for my clothes :)

    2. I’ve taken suitcases full of arcade game boards from Tokyo to Hokkaido, from Tokyo to London.. I took about 15kg of parts and tools with me to San Francisco from Tokyo a few months ago and brought it back with me about 3 weeks ago + 5kg of parts I bought in the US. The only time I have ever been stopped taking electronics or computer stuff through a checkpoint was when I had a desktop mini tower in my hand luggage when I transferred in Italy one time.. the person asked what it was, I said computer, nuff said, I was on my way. You aren’t going to get strip searched by the TSA for having some electronics stuff on you.. hell read the TSA guidelines.. you’re allowed to have hammers, axes etc in your checked in luggage.

  5. I’ve flown often after hunting electronic and vintage computer parts. Receipts are good, plus keep everything in plain view. I had 2 MFM hard drives I’d bought, took them out and showed the TSA agent. She wipe tested them for explosives and sent me through. BTW, you don’t need as many clothes on the way back… good parts and kits are hard to find, clothes stores are everywhere!

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