EagleUp v4.3 released

EagleUp is a combination of export/import scripts that export your Eagle PCB to a SketchUp 3D model. Here’s what you get in version V4.3:

  • fixed curved board outlines (see below the note on outline curves)
  • eagleUp now supports 1:1 scaling as well
  • eagleUp also includes functions for scaling and measuring the final circuit
  • automatic resizing of models during import, you can mix scale indifferently 1:1 and 1000:1 objects
  • add support for sub folder ! keep your work folder clean, all eup, png, log files can be placed in a user defined sub folder. Check the settings window.
  • add an option for simplified vias (no drill) for faster import of large models.
  • add a board thickness unit selection, you can enter 1.6mm as well as 60 mils
  • add a log file of the missing parts during the import in Sketchup, the log file is saved next to the eup file
  • add support for an attribute-defined part name (see below)
  • add possibility of minor modifications of the part (rotation, board side) directly from the Board
  • added option to create top and bottom images as jpg files (necessary for some renderers, do not use otherwise)
  • Eagle installation < 5.9 (including 4.xx) should use a simplified legacy exporter available here. It keeps most of the features of the full version.
  • new PCB colors available, like a white solder mask (Winter is coming !)

Via NBitWonder.

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