TQFP 100 break out for Microchip devices

After noticing that most of Microchip’s microcontrollers in TQFP 100 packages use the same basic pinouts, we decided to make a breakout board to take advantage of it.So far we checked support for PIC24F, dsPIC33E, and PIC32 devices, and with the exception of the programing header all the 100-pin chips are compatible with the board.

The board has a 3.3V regulator that powers the PIC, and all the PIC power pins have a 0.1uF decoupling capacitor. Power can be supplied over USB or via an external 5v source. We included a solder jumper on the PIC’s ENVREG pin to enable/disable the internal 2.5volt supply for the PIC core. An LED indicates power.

Two quarts crystals are provided, one at 20Mhz for the internal clock, and one at 32.768Khz for real time clock use. 2 LEDs are provided for user IO.

Programming connection 3 is brought to a header, and a RESET button is connected to the MCLR pin. Using ICD3 is a bit of a bug, it makes the board incompatible with PIC32 devices that don’t the third programing connection. The board should still work with them, but programing will have to be done from the side headers. In the final version this will be corrected.

We plan to use this board to quickly prototype future designs using the TQFP 100 Microchip uCs.

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  1. I’d also made a breakout board for dsPIC33fj256MC710 but not in the DIP form that is compatible for breadboard. If it is true that all TQFP 100 microcontrollers have the same pinout for the basic pins then my board might as well suit the PIC24F and PIC32 chips.

    My breakout board had the ICSP headers connected to the first set of programming pins along with a JTAG header. Power regulator for 3.3V, decoupling capacitor and main clock are in place too. What my breakout board lack of compare to this breakout are the secondary 32,768kHz clock, user LEDs, USB connector and jumper for ENVREG.

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