Sparkfun has new oscilloscope

Posted on Monday, October 10th, 2011 in oscilloscope by DP

Sqkybeaver let us know Sparkfun now carries a scope similar to the one he reviewed. It is a two channel 100MHz digital scope with 500MSa/s real-time sampling rate. Saving waveforms to a USB flash drive is available, as well as interfacing with the computer over the USB port. The waveforms and menu are displayed over a 5.7″ LCD Screen.

Via the forum.

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5 Responses to “Sparkfun has new oscilloscope”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks suspiciously similar to Rigol – the question is, if the quality is also similar (Rigol scopes are good value for money, Agilent DS3000 are rebranded Rigols).

  2. farzad b says:

    I have the 40MHz version. These are a Chinese knock off of the Rigol scopes. That said, I find them to be quite nice. They don’t have the cheap feel of similar products and work well for hobbyist use.

  3. Andy says:

    Rigol themselves are Chinese, so this probably isn’t a knockoff – it likely came from the same factory and just has different branding (and possibly differences in quality control).

  4. JBeale says:

    Mark O. at wrote:
    There are several companies making Rigol “clones”, but one that’s been actively copying several models for years, and re-branding them is Atten. Rigol sued them for violation of copyrights and intellectual property theft, and won, but the monetary award was quite small. I’d think they’d be restrained from further sales, but such laws in China are much looser, and afford few protections. Just so people know, Atten started a new brand under the name Siglent. No relation to Agilent, of course.

    Note, allegedly Atten makes low-end scopes for LeCroy, in the same way that Rigol apparently makes low-end scopes for Agilent.

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