Fast forward from alpha – Agile Open Hardware Manufacturing

Posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 in conferences by Ian

Here’s the summary for our breakout session with Eric from Seeed Studio. Come see us at the Open Hardware Summit next month:

Not everyone wants to etch PCBs and solder surface mount parts.  Manufacturing bridges the gap between hardware hackers and communities of firmware, software, and documentation developers who want to get involved. The production process can be treacherous however, and there’s lots of obstacles to success.

In this session, Eric Pan and Ian Lesnet discuss manufacturing for open hardware developers, covering four potential routes to production and the materials required. Attention is devoted to the barriers facing open hardware manufacturing. The session concludes with a proposal for a community-based open components library, to ease the process of turning ideas into tangible products.

We’re going to continue the Dangerous Prototypes tradition of a glutenous food crawl. This trip will probably be BBQ. Ribs and brisket, mostly. If that’s your thing and you’re in town, hit us up at the contact form.

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  1. Beeman says:

    agile system development in hardware is more about mindset than it is about technological limitations. In agile hardware development some of the limitations that are often used to resist and show how these limitations are more to do with thinking then with technology. Hardware work demands physical proximity and we could not afford to have a distributed team depending on collaboration tools on the Internet.

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