Box of new PCBs

A box of PCBs just arrived from Seeed Studio’s Fusion PCB service. This batch includes:

XT-IDE AdapterBus Pirate Demo board v4.0, IR Toy Shield v2.0, BPv3b breakout v3.2 and Android Accessory Development kit are available now in the free PCB drawer.

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  1. Now i need to be lucky on the Free PCB Sunday twice so i can upgrade my old 286 XT PC with the XT-IDE Adapter.

    1. That would be nice because now it’s just collecting dust.

      I have no problem with the version that’s been cut wrong as long it will fit in the expansion slot after i cut it to size.

  2. The Bus Pirate Demo board v4.0 is the thing I’d like to take if anyday I get a coupon. Because seedstudio description of that board says it’s for testing and no warranty. I’d like to build that type of product which if bought by money will be a possible loss if anything goes wrong.

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