Serial port monitor software

The crew at Adafruit remind us of a handy serial port monitoring tool for Windows known as PortMon. PortMon is an old school Microsoft utility used for monitoring all serial and parallel activity on a system.

While USB rules the day for most PC-peripheral communications, PortMon can help when reverse engineering serial devices by sniffing the serial comms with the PC. This is what Adafruit noted, allowing the development of code to use a serial JPEG camera with Arduino.

Via Adafruit.

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  1. PortMon doesn’t work on 64bit windows 7. I have gotten it to work, however, in XP mode (windows xp virtual machine). If anyone else knows of a (free) up-to-date alternative, I would love to hear it.

      1. Did you try the link in my previous post above?

        I don’t have a W7 machine to make sure it works with it (and even less a 64-bit machine), so I cannot be sure that it is working in your case, but you may give it a try!

  2. I couldn’t find one either so I wrote my own. It should work on any windows platform, it will update your .net if needed. It is simple, just reads all com ports, lets you change all com port settings and then you just click start and it just reads whatever comes in.

    Not trying to make anything don’t care how its used as long as its for personal use, contact me at and I’ll email it to you.

    1. Sir,
      Please provided me free 64 bit serial port monitor…

      I really want this for testing purpose.


  3. Hi,
    I would be really interesting in having the software you wrote to spy the com ports… (found your email adress in “Serial port monitor software” post.
    I’ve looked on the web to find an equivalent to portmon… in vain!!
    I was used to work with portmon on my old XP 32 bits computer, but now I’ve moved to Win7 64bits, and it doesn’t work anymore.
    Would be really appreciated, if you can help !

    thanks in advance for your answer (wahtever it may be)

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