Free analog-to-digital converter demo board

Posted on Thursday, July 28th, 2011 in dev boards, idle by DP

rsdio writes: this was announced on April 1, and somehow I missed. I’m sure they’re all gone by now, but the links still seem to work

The MAXADCLite evaluation (EV) kit is based on the MAX11645 ADC, which integrates a multiplexor, FIFO, sequencer, and reference, all for the same price as a competitive stand-alone ADC. To maximize design flexibility, the MAX11645 is also pin and firmware compatible across resolution, sample rate, and channel count. Packaged in a tiny 1.9mm x 2.2mm WLP, the MAX11645 consumes only 2µW of power in active state and uses only 200nA in sleep state.

Only 1000 kits are available for this free offer, so click fast! Get your free EV kit now

Thanks for the tip rsdio!

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16 Responses to “Free analog-to-digital converter demo board”

  1. Arup says:

    I’ve just ordered. They asked end application product. I wrote “Analog data logger”

  2. Jon Jackson says:

    I just ordered as well. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Andrew says:

    Just ordered also. Thanks!

  4. Ultrasounder says:

    Thanks DP!. Just ordered mine. Be warned that they require either .edu or a Business email. Regular email IDs are not entertained. The cool part is that it has a FiiFo->USB for data streaming real time.

  5. Rohit de Sa says:

    I’ve ordered mine, but I hope this is no April Fool’s Day joke. It’s July, and the joke would be very stale by now :-P

  6. nave.notnilc says:

    very interesting IC, and potentially a very handy board, and certainly a great deal :P

  7. Steve says:

    My order was canceled with the note:

    Business Manager Comments: we currently do not have stock

    I placed my order a few minutes after the first comment, guess I was too late.

  8. Arup says:

    I was the first to order and comment here. But guess what happened. Now I received email that

    Part # Message
    MAXADCLITE+ we currently do not have stock

  9. Arup says:

    Looks like the April fools prank continues.

  10. rsdio says:

    I don’t think this was an April Fools Day joke, because Maxim seems rather serious in their emails. Instead, what I think is most likely is that all 1,000 boards were given away in April, May, and June – certainly by the end of July. Keep in mind that Maxim sends their emails out to lots and lots of subscribers – surely more than 1,000. Sorry for the false hope, but I did not try ordering one because I did not need one (I’m working on a pair of 1 MHz, 8-channel A/D boards of my own design). I thought maybe someone here would try ordering and report back on whether there were any left. I’m still surprised they have not updated their web page to announce the end of the 1,000 unit giveaway.

  11. Andrew says:

    So far my order has not been canceled.

  12. donperignon says:

    i just received my board today :)

  13. I couldn’t believe my eyes today when I actually got mine. By god they’re still shipping them.

  14. rsdio says:

    That’s great news! Now I don’t have to feel like a jerk for passing on a potentially stale offer. Looks like it wasn’t an April Fools Day joke after all.

    I’m glad you two (so far) have received your boards.

  15. Andrew says:

    I got mine also.

  16. Got mine today. Also the free sample link on the maxim webpage for the board is still there. I am looking to see if they have *nix support. The downloadable software seems to be windows only.

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