Partlist Wednesday: Buttons and switches

Every Wednesday we highlight a component from the updated partlist. This week: buttons and switches.

Let’s talk buttons. The 6mm button is the classic button. It comes in surface mount and through hole versions.

The 6mm surface mount button, DTSM-6 seems to be one package name, has nice beginner-friendly pads that are easy to solder. It comes in a pick and place friendly reel, but it must exceed the specs of most machines. On the Logic Sniffer we noticed that the 6mm SMD buttons were hand-soldered, and SparkFun, Seeed, and Adafruit all use a smaller button in their designs.

A 5.2mm button (or 4.8mm, or many similar sizes) seems way more common in pick and place assembled designs. The smaller size and lower profile must be better for automated assembly, but they are more slightly more expensive.

Footprints for both bottom types are in the Dangerous Prototypes Eagle parts library.

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      1. Drat! I never remember to include Digi-Key in my searches… (don’t have a local distributor, so i tend to avoid it when possible due to shipping rates and whatnot).

        Thanks! These look awesome.
        The smallest one i found on Farnell was 5×3 or something like that, if i recall correctly.

  1. The lower switch is a ALPS SKQGABE010, thanks to your post I was able to track it down from suppliers Mouser and Newark. This switch happens to be the one used in Nissan remote key fobs from around the 2000’s. I am going to use them to repair my fob that has worn out switches!

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