Hybrid SID player update

Markus has updated his hybrid SID player again. The new version has the classic stand-alone mode, with a new networked mode that pulls SID auto from a PC:

Beside the disadvantage of not being stand-alone, the ‘Network SID Device’ mode has several benefits:

  • Newer tunes containing samples are only released in RSID format which the TinySID library used in stand-alone mode cannot play. ACID 64 plays them nicely.
  • ACID 64 sends the cycle information together with the register values, so it is possible to write the registers of the SID at the precise time. The new firmware is cycle exact.
  • Easier tune selection due to the larger PC screen and richer GUI program. Also the STIL information can be viewed.
  • ACID 64 has a nice song position slider to jump to an arbitrary time-position in the tune.

Via the forum.

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