Week in (p)review: July 01, 2011

Posted on Friday, July 1st, 2011 in week in review by Ian

Facebook free PCB Friday is on the way. Don’t forget to share your current project in the comments or the forum.

Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week:

Coming this week:

  • Interview with Plunify
  • A brand new Dangerous Prototypes partlist
  • A Protostack giveaway next Thursday
  • 100% open source PIC USB stack is crazy stable. JTR is already updating the IR Toy to make use of the new features
  • Free PCB Sunday
  • Free PCBs via Twitter on Tuesday
  • Free PCBs via Facebook on Friday
  • Weekly roundup and preview every Friday

What are you hacking this week?

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4 Responses to “Week in (p)review: July 01, 2011”

  1. tayken says:

    – Finished the 12V USB charger that I was working on for THS. Now trying to kit it up for the THS store.
    – Will write a Bus Blaster FPGA programming this weekend.
    – Testing of my remote server IP sender is finished, will write about that too.

  2. Victor says:

    How about Google+ free PCB?

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