Week in (p)review: July 01, 2011

Facebook free PCB Friday is on the way. Don’t forget to share your current project in the comments or the forum.

Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week:

Coming this week:

  • Interview with Plunify
  • A brand new Dangerous Prototypes partlist
  • A Protostack giveaway next Thursday
  • 100% open source PIC USB stack is crazy stable. JTR is already updating the IR Toy to make use of the new features
  • Free PCB Sunday
  • Free PCBs via Twitter on Tuesday
  • Free PCBs via Facebook on Friday
  • Weekly roundup and preview every Friday

What are you hacking this week?

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  1. – Finished the 12V USB charger that I was working on for THS. Now trying to kit it up for the THS store.
    – Will write a Bus Blaster FPGA programming this weekend.
    – Testing of my remote server IP sender is finished, will write about that too.

      1. Just saw that. Want a free PCB for using the ULP files? :) The DC-DC converter module is local, couldn’t find it on Digikey, Mouser or Farnell. That can be a problem in the future.

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