OLED display sine-scroller

Posted on Friday, February 18th, 2011 in hacks, LEDs by Ian

Markus demonstrates his OLED display sine-scroller:

The OLED board sold by SeeedStudio used I2C to communicate with the MCU. I found that updating the screen this way takes too long to get a descent refresh rate, so I modified the board to be able to access the driver chip using its SPI interface.

Updating the whole screen (128 x 64 pixel = 1024 Byte) takes now only about 1 ms, giving enough time to do some other fun stuff between updates :)

Thanks Markus! Via the comments.

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3 Responses to “OLED display sine-scroller”

  1. Tiersten says:

    The OLED module is×64-display-with-free-cable-p-703.html?cPath=163_167

    Interesting. Looking at the datasheets you just need to cut a trace on the PCB and then reconnect it to ground if you want SPI instead of I2C.

    The LY190-128064.pdf doc shows that the bus type is set by the BS1 and BS2 pins. I2C is BS1=1 + BS2=0 whilst SPI is BS1=0 + BS2=0. The 8 bit mode needs more work to reenable as most of the necessary lines are tied low for that. The necessary lines for SPI are the same as I2C so the only mod to enable SPI is just to change pin 9 (BS1) which needs to be cut from pin 8 (3.3V) and connected to pin 10 (BS2) which is connected to ground.

    Shame its out of stock! Boo. I’ll have to keep an eye on it and put one into my next Seeed order.

  2. Anunakin says:

    Very nice man!
    I made some tests with it display using a Pinguino (PIC18 Arduino compatible)
    Yeah I2C is very slow for a graphic display…

    Can you post where exactly we must cut and where connect to take SPI port?

  3. Apricus says:

    Which microcontroller is that to my untrained eye?

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