Updated AVRDude for testing

The current version of AVRDude (v5.8) is incompatible with Bus Pirate firmware v5.0-v5.9. Later today we’ll release a Bus Pirate firmware that restores compatibility with v5.8.

A more permanent fix is available though. Tim updated AVRDude to be compatible with all Bus Pirate firmwares, and take advantage of some new commands to increase the programming speed:

  • addition of a much faster flash writing function
  • no initial resetting of Bus Pirate (unnecessary, and will break BPv4)
  • no parsing of Bus Pirate UI, unless ASCII SPI mode is explicitly requested

More details in the forum. Please help test this fix if you can, we’d like to roll it into the next release of AVRDude.

Image source: Adafruit (CC-BY-SA).

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  1. That’s a typo – the update is to the development trunk of AVRDude (which is more recent than v5.10). It’s a very easy typo to make though, due to the current similarity of the Bus Pirate firmware and AVRDude version numbers.

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