Alternative Logic Sniffer client v0.8.3

Jawi just released version 0.8.3 of the forked SUMP logic analyzer client that works with the Logic Sniffer. We also started a wiki page for the SUMP fork with some links. Please add any useful tips you have.

Change log:

  • Made the port-chooser editable, allowing people to enter their own device in case it is not listed
  • Should resolve the port issues on several operating systems
  • all dialog settings are now persisted across sessions (read: restart)
  • fixed the progress indicator in the SPI tool as reported by Michael
  • fixed some issues with the file-save dialog also reported by Michael
  • fixed several minor UI-related issues causing potential resource leaks
  • various other cleanups

Don’t know what client to use? Read the logic analyzer client roundup.

You can order the Logic Sniffer at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping. Don’t forget that Seeed now has probe cables for $6 each.

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