Gadget Factory stocks buffer wing for Logic Sniffer

The Gadget Factory is now stocking a 16bit buffer wing for the Logic Sniffer for $15. This add-on board gives the Logic Sniffer an additional 16 buffered, 5volt tolerant input channels.

You can order the Logic Sniffer at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping. Don’t forget that Seeed now has probe cables for $6 each.

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    1. Sorry, maximum ratings for the MC74LCX16245 buffer/transceiver chip used are:

      VCC (DC Supply Voltage) −0.5 to +7.0 V
      VI (DC Input Voltage) −0.5 ≤ VI ≤ +7.0 V

      Recommendet operating conditions are:

      VI Input Voltage 0 – 5.5 V

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