Week in (p)review, June 13, 2010

Here’s some highlights from the past week, in case you missed them:

  • On Monday the EEPROM in the Flash Destroyer died with 11,494,069 total write-verify cycles. For a closer look at theĀ  failure, and the live stream viewing statistics, see the Flash Destroyer wrap up.
  • It took three tries to get the USB Infrared Toy right. See the hardware that didn’t make the cut in Confessions of a prototyper: USB Infrared Toy.
  • Bus Pirate firmware v4.5 was released this week. This version includes support for our new PIC programmer app, OpenOCD, and some minor bug fixes. This will be the last v4.x release. The next Bus Pirate firmware will be v5.0 with the newterm interface.

This week should have some new releases and updates too:

  • The Bus Pirate PIC programmer has been used to rescue several Logic Sniffers that shipped without a bootloader. A final release of the programming app and an illustrated guide should be posted early this week. Early adopters can download an experimental test package in the forum.
  • Bus Pirate developers have been using an updated v4 bootloader for several months. It’s tested really well, so we integrated it into an upgrader that works similar to the v2 to v4 bootloader upgrade. The installer and illustrated upgrade guide will probably be ready late this week. You can see the new features and download the experimental upgrade package in the forum.
  • The Logic Sniffer will probably have an official release of the current-best working firmware and bitstream. Links to significant test updates can be found here.

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