Synthetos laser cut Bus Pirate case

teslafreak posted this picture of Ril3y’s laser cut case for the Bus Pirate in the forum:

I bought two of these, a black one and a clear one.  They recently arrived, and look great.  The construction is fantastic.  They are also possible to take apart without tools, which is awesome.  Here’s a pic (though my camera isn’t great).  The black case looks pretty opaque in this picture, but it is because it still had the protective film on it.  They also have a bit of weight, which helps to keep the bus pirate from shifting around too much.

We’ll document the complete build process soon.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys! Oh one thing to note. The clear case has the “notch” facing away from the SYN logo. This is the final version style. This was done to accommodate the premade cable via dangerous prototypes. The black case was an older version and was facing the other way.

    The new way will allow for GBD to be BLACK. However it does make the ribbon face or lay across the top of the case.

    Such is life.


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