Program your AVR with PICkit2

PK2AVRISP is software that lets a PICkit2 program AVR microcontrollers with no hardware or firmware changes. It decodes commands sent to a virtual serial port that emulates an AVR ISP programmer, and translates them to Pickit2 commands. It’s compatible with existing AVR development apps like AVRStudio, AVRDude, and CodeVision AVR.

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  1. The PICkit2 is a wonderful device. It’s able to program PICs in “offline” mode (download once to the PICkit2, program more chips by just pushing the button on it). It’s able to work as a simple logic analyzer and serial port emulator. It’s cheap. And the design is open (schematics, etc. provided by Microchip).

    AVR compatibility makes it even better.

  2. I shall try it out, but it looks promising. My biggest problem was to use a USB AVR programmer on a WIN7x64 OS. Hope this allows me to…………

    My PICkit2 works on WIN7x64 , will this also work ?

  3. Greetings… had 2 programs, one for burn AVR microcontrollers and other to convert Pickit2 in a Virtal Serial Port, ┬┐Does anybody have the second program?

    Thanks in advance

  4. I don’t suppose anybody has written a similar prog for the Pickit3? I expect not, so many reports of people saying how the Pickit2 was so much better than the Pickit3, except that it can’t do the high end PIC32’s.

  5. It looks like mentioned website is dead, but if you are looking to use pickit 2 as AVR programmer than current avrdude version (6.1) seems to work fine. I’ve used pickit 2 clone (full version) with ATmega8 – it’s slower than dedicated programmer (~1kB/s flash read and write) so it may be irritating, but it’s always nice to have backup tool.
    It’s also worth mentioning that since version 6.0.1 Joerg Wunsch provides “official” avrdude Win32/MinGW builds.

  6. It has been a while but wanted to mention that I could make it work with avrdude. Set up a virtual com port pair using VSPE or com0com. Hook up the Pickit2, fire up the program using one port and avrdude on the other. It will detect it. Use stk500v2 programmer mode.

    Atmel Studio 6 doesn’t work with this though. I get an error. May be the settings can be tweaked in some way to make it work. Although not a big deal. I can upload the hex using avrdude any time.

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