Seeed manufacturing update


The USB IR Toy is back from manufacturing and is being prepared to ship now. Parts were ready before the Chinese Spring holiday, but then things stalled, Seeed moved, and they’re about two weeks behind. The good news is that our packages from Seeed are now arriving in less than a week again. There should be a continuous stock of IR Toys available after the preorders ship.

Open Logic Sniffer

Parts for the Open Logic Sniffer have been ordered. The PIC 18F24J50 ICs will arrive from Microchip Direct on March 18th. Approximate lead time (assume delays) will be three weeks from then.

Bus Pirate

The latest Bus Pirate preorders should all be shipped. The Bus Pirate should be in continuous stock from now on. You can also pick one up at Adafruit Industries.

Our commitment

You’ve been so patient with our constant delays, availability problems, hardware defects, and all the other foibles of small-run open source hardware manufacturing. We’re trying several ways to improve the process from our end.

We’re learning to design for the situation. We’re checking and doubling checking part availability before a chip goes in a project. Our priority used to be ‘sampled or recycled’ (see the awful RS232 transceiver on the first Bus Pirate), but now it’s ’10K+ available’.

Some part and PCB orders are now placed before a project is published.  This helps reduce lead time and lets us spot show-stopper problems before we go public. The flip side of this is possible shortages for some projects because we’re nervous about committing to a lot of stock.

Project tracking

Each preorder has a status update thread in the forum. We’ll post every update we get, so you can see exactly where the preorder is at. If you’re registered at the forum click ‘notify’ to receive the latest updates by email.

After a few months we’ll study the status updates and design a report page to give statistics on each preorder.

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  1. +1 to suppliers running out of a component as soon as you’re ready to order. How can 4529 CAN transceivers vanish overnight?!

  2. @Shadyman: Exactly, I really handn’t planned on my well heeled diabolical nemesis snaffling up all the CAN transcievers I had planned to use. After changing the part twice to ensure it would be in stock I thought I might have put him off the scent.

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