Open Logic Sniffer probe cable

Seeed Studio is working on a probe cable for the Open Logic Sniffer. We’ll give you an update as soon as we hear more.

You can try building your own cable with some cheap probes from Deal Extreme (~$3 for 10). The trick will be finding a 1×9 row connector, if you know of any sources please share them in the comments.

The Open Logic Sniffer is currently available for preorder at Seeed Studio for $45, including worldwide shipping.

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  1. A great option is to use probes which can be plugged intoto their cable using a 1×1 connector (a single female connector pin in other words), such as Hirschmann micro grips. This way, you can use a touch point in some cases, a grip in others etc, and the probe cable is just a series of cables terminated by simple female pin connectors.

  2. DX has smaller probes that are cheaper($2.33) and about 25% smaller in size ( About the other side I will use piece of single row of female header(2.54mm) for trough hole mounting and will cut to have only 9 holes and will solder the wires to it with some hot shrink tubing for isolation. As always I will use wires from old PC floppy cable.

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