Name the open source logic analyzer, get one free

Posted on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009 in logic analyzer by Ian

We’ve been working on an open source logic analyzer prototype with Jack Gassett of the Gadget Factory. Gerbers will go to the board house before the end of this week.

Until now we’ve called this project by the codename ‘SUMP PUMP’, because it’s a data pump for the open source SUMP logic analyzer client. This name is far to clever though, because SUMP infringes on the name of the original project, and it won’t index well in search engines.

We’d like to hear your suggestions for a name for this project. If we choose your name, we’ll send you the final hardware for free. Post your suggestions here, or in the forum.

Some conditions:

  • There’s no limit to the number of suggestions you can make, and you can continue to make suggestions until we announce our choice.
  • If we choose your name suggestion we’ll send you the final hardware for free.
  • To make this legit, we’ll ask you to sign away any rights to the name in exchange for the free hardware.
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76 Responses to “Name the open source logic analyzer, get one free”

  1. n0p says:

    Bus insighter?
    protocol insighter?
    bus pirate parallel edition? xD
    bus taper?

    i think it could be a nice FPGA dev board too

  2. mprocter says:

    Bus Privateer – next thing up from a pirate, and not too many google hits!

  3. JyB says:

    edge pirate?

  4. Sticking with the Bus Pirate idea, knowing that Pirates are always going up against Ninja’s (especially at the university I just graduated from) Bus Ninja. Since it Ninja’s bus connections.

  5. IPenguin says:

    Bus Pirate has already become a well Know product/project … since the SUMP PUMP is actually a true BUS pirate:

    Bus Pirate LA

  6. James says:

    Bus ninja made me lol, sounds great.

  7. zend says:

    sadly, I have nothing to contribute…
    I’m just eagerly awaiting some boards.

  8. riza says:

    wire tap
    logic pirate
    logic expert

  9. djand says:

    Bit Peeker

    I posted this in an earlier thread, and still like the name.

  10. RuHaSs says:

    Bus Pimp
    Data Pimp
    Data Pirate
    Data Pump

    A few to start with

  11. tayken says:

    Logic PUMP

  12. Mike Donovan says:

    Bus Armada
    Bilge Pump
    Bit Sucker
    Bus Sucker
    Bit Thief
    Bus Thief

    Bus Pirate II

    PS: I’m hoping to use “Bus Ninja” for an Arduino-based Bus Pirate clone!

  13. Metis says:

    Something from a non-native english speaker :-S

    byte biter
    bitter byte :-)
    open gates (“gates” as in fpga)
    illogic logic
    opsologan (OPen SOurce LOGic ANalyzer)
    LogAn (like this Wolverine resemblance)

  14. nilokproductions says:

    Well if you have a bus pirate, perhaps something like

    logic raider
    logic ninja
    dangerous logic
    logic box <- generic works well sometimes
    logic rover

    Im sure theres a ton of clever synonyms out there.

  15. Shadyman says:

    Here’s a list of things off the top of my head. I searched on Google for each, and give the results in parentheses. I ordered them in (What I think is) by usefulness, with the ones already taken by large companies/brands towards the bottom of the list.

    1. Logic Ninja (Nothing specific on Google… Would be nice to contrast against the Bus Pirate.. “Bus Pirate vs the Logic Ninja… Fight!”)
    2. Logic Snoop (Nothing specific on Google.)
    3. Bit Analyst (Nothing specific on Google)
    4. Bit Ninja (Closest result on google is “8-Bit Ninja”)
    5. Bit Pirate (Returns Pirate Bay on Google… “Bit Torrent – Pirate Bay”, etc)
    6. Bit Snoop (Already the name of a Bit Torrent site)
    7. SuperSnoop (Already the name of an IBM Servlet)
    8. Bus Analyst (A common short form for Business Analyst, may not get the best Google results..)
    9. OpenLogic (Drat, taken already by an Open Source Software Support group)

    And the best for last: “Madness? This Is Sparta!!!” (Ok, I jest.)

  16. Shadyman says:

    Simulpost, nilok! :D That’s what I get for waiting to reorganize everything and make it pretty :x

  17. Julius says:

    LA PUMP (Logic Analyzer pump)

    The SWAMP PUMP (derivate of SUMP)

    the pirate analyzer

    Pirate’s firehose

    Sumo pump

    need more?

  18. jpipesup says:

    I was going to say ‘Bus Ninja’ as well! haha! I think it’s a winner ;)

  19. Brett says:

    SUMPLA, the SUMP Logic Analyser

  20. Metis says:

    Two little more :-)

    Mr. Claws (maybe Mr. Probes is more correct, but less funny)
    Oh la la (I like this one, the “Open Hardware Logic Analyzing Logic Analyzer”) :-)

  21. riza says:

    logic spy
    bit spy
    bus spy
    bit peek
    bit catcher
    logic catcher
    bit snatcher
    logic snatcher
    bit insight
    logic insight
    bit police
    logic police
    bit capture
    logic capture
    bit probe
    logic probe
    dangerous probe
    dangerous spy
    dangerous insight
    dangerous view
    dangerous logic analyzer
    dangerous bit

    or some other combination of the above, eg: dangerous bit snatcher

    That’s enough for tonight :)

  22. charles says:

    bit police
    bit holder
    logic analyzer

  23. CH says:

    clearly, the ASS pirate. Makeup what ASS might stand for afterwards, this is an awesome name :->

  24. Gav says:

    OSLA – Open Source Logic Analyzer

  25. Michal says:

    Analyzer Pirate … Anal Pirate for short?

    … or better not. It doesn’t sound quite right ;-)

  26. N says:

    Need something that allows clear differentiation between the bus pirate and the analyzer.

    monitor pirate
    pirate watch
    bus bandit

    bus vampire

  27. JimE says:

    Here are my suggestions:

    Logic Logger
    OLO (for Open LOgic analyzer)
    OLOAN (for Open LOgic ANalyzer)
    OLLO (for Open Logic LOgger)
    O’Log (for Open LOGic analyzer)
    OLOGAN (for Open LOGic ANalyzer)


  28. recursor says:

    Call it:

    The LogicBlade

  29. ericwertz says:

    Mind if I call it… “Bruce” ?

    After all, the unbuffered inputs also will have no pF-ters, which obeys rules #1, 3, 5 *and* 7.

  30. ferdinand says:


  31. nilokproductions says:


    if logic ninja wins ill share with ya ;)
    just goes to show its a sweet name :)

  32. ericwertz says:

    The Bus Herder
    The Bus Whacker
    The Bus Hacker
    The Bus Whisperer
    The Bus Station
    The Bus Stalker
    The Bus Pervert
    The Word Whacker
    The Word Whisperer
    The Rosetta Probe
    The Open Window
    Logic Lizard Larry

    Someone… please make me stop…!

  33. Shadyman says:

    Sweet :) I’d go half in and split the cost of a second ;) Sweet name indeed.

  34. Drone says:

    Hydralyzer (Ref., Lernaean Hydra, Greek many-headed serpent)
    Karnaugh (tribute to Maurice Karnaugh)
    Boole (tribute to George Boole)
    Axiom (Boolean law or property)
    KMapper (as in Karnaugh maps)

  35. David Ritchie says:


  36. Jan says:

    What about LOSA?

    Logic open Source Analyzer

    In the Logo there could be 2 arrows that are pointing to the place where the L is places normally?

  37. Mark Fassler says:

    Lock Minnow

  38. Mark Fassler says:

    “Logic Minnow” – a bird for doing logic analysis

  39. Adam Kouse says:

    How about “freeThena”? Free as in freedom and thena as in the shortening of the name Athena, the Greek Godess known for her logic?

  40. Rob says:

    Protosniffer. (like protocol)




    My entries :D

  41. Brendan Humphreys says:

    I’m putting forward “Medusa”. Here’s why I like it:

    1. the image of Medusa – a head with lots of snakes for hair – kinda bizzarely fits with a logic analyser
    2. Medusa was a bad-ass individual, and I reckon this fits with the dangerous prototypes image
    3. Medusa+logic search seems free in google

    • 0mGitsMcCoy says:

      i shall put a vote toward medusa

      • 0mGitsMcCoy says:

        and also suggest “Man’O’War” like the jellyfish, a bad-ass tentacled mofo. as a bonus, it goes with the pirate theme as that was the name of the biggest and most badass wooden ships ever

  42. ricardo says:

    hi how about?

    DeepBitInspection? aka DBI?

    I hope I win :-)

    Ricardo Caetano

  43. Mike Donovan says:

    Stick with Bus Pirate, but add model names to it, like they do with cars:

    Bus Pirate Galleon (new big version)

    Bus Pirate Dinghy (older small version)

  44. nilokproductions says:

    The problem is that Bus Pirate is already an established name. You don’t want people to have to Google “bus pirate xxxxxx” when they can easily distinguish between two products. Make two lines of product, the bus pirate — which already has its own model types, and something similar to bus pirate — which will undoubtably have its own models and revisions.

    This way your products share a similar name as if they work together (which is why I suggested logic ninja — its a play on “pirate” with ninja, and the bus is replaced by logic). If a company makes a bus pirate and a logic ninja it seems clever and gives an image… that and you double your search terms :)

  45. Mike Donovan says:

    > that and you double your search terms

    You mean, like when Coke named their first diet cola “Tab”? They eventually figured out that “Diet Coke” was easier to market to existing customers.

    “Bus Pirate” has become a recognizable brand name, so it makes sense to create a product line around it, especially since they’ll share functionality and the SUMP interface. It also creates an easy path for future similar products.

    Leave the other similar/related names for use by compatible clones, like with the Arduino.

  46. steliosm says:

    How about: Pin Pirate

  47. Neal Jenkins says:

    I’d call it “Anna-logic” (the extra N to prevent all the anal references).

  48. Mike Szczys says:

    I’d go with ‘Signal Pirate’

  49. Rob says:

    Signal Jockey!

  50. JBH says:

    A nice name could be Robert or José. Sometimes names haven’t really things in comment with the product. Why not this time.

  51. pingbat says:

    How about: LoGiPeeL

    You could have a nice logo with some orange peel or maybe an onion with many layers. Peeling back the mysteries behind your creation (or someone else’s) with the help of GPL hardware?


  52. Michal says:

    From the proposals here I vote for BitPeeker.

    (And no, it isn’t my idea and I don’t know the guy who proposed it ;- )

  53. Darren says:

    a Logic Analyzer does not really ‘pirate’ nor ‘ninja’ signals. It’s supposed to be a ‘non-detected’ multi-signal ‘watcher’ that is used to determine the state of the hardware in the time domain. The output function is commonly called a pattern generator

    with that said, some suggestions,

    System Sleuth
    State Spy
    Logic Spook
    Logic Mole

  54. Colin I says:

    Or something like Logic Detective…. Logic P.I. — sounds like a lame tv series :) Bus Scope? LogicScope? iLogic? hahaha just think of something lame, it will catch on anyway! I still love Logic Ninja :) Bus goes with Pirate as Logic goes with Ninja :D

  55. Gav Reid says:

    logic magician

  56. Nova says:

    Parallel Logic
    Bit Trapper
    Bit-Banger (lol)

    Sea/pirate theme:
    Digital Jellyfish
    Bus Crew

  57. Dana says:

    The Logic Jack

  58. Redleader36 says:

    Bit Reiver
    Bus Reiver
    Bit Raider

  59. Redleader36 says:

    Pumpy McLogicPants

  60. ronm says:

    I think BusPass is cool.
    or maybe BusBuster.

  61. JimE says:

    What about “Logic Sniffer”? ;)

  62. Avra says:



  63. robin says:


    don’t like the bus-name type name and you got a nice correspondence to WireShark (Ethernet packet sniffer) there AND a squid since it’s got multiple channels..


  64. Jeff says:

    ~ Bus Brigand ~

    Measure Island
    Queen Analyzer’s Revenge
    Spanish Measure Fleet
    Sloop Snooper
    The Pirate Code

    And I just like this one: Freebooter

  65. Matt says:


    Because it’s a very economical (similar to econobox) logic analyzer and it performs reconnaissance functions.

    ReconnBox could work too, but doesn’t have the same back story.

    Digital Olfactory
    Bit Bandit
    Bus Rider

  66. Brian Neeley says:

    Bus sniffer?

    Sorry, that’s all I got. I would like this one to win, but I prefer Bus Ninja too.

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