App note: The behavior of electro-magnetic radiation of power inductors in power management

Würth Elektronik app note on EM radiation emission from power inductors. Link here (PDF) DC-DC converters are widely used in power management applications and the inductor is one of the key components. The usual focus is on electrical performance characteristics such as RDC, RAC and core losses. But, the electro-magnetic radiation characteristics can often be […]

App note: The Phytochrome system – Why use far-red?

App note from Würth Elektronik on why plants evolved to use far-red wavelengths and why it is essential for them. Link here (PDF) The light requirement of plants is now known to be far more complex than originally thought leading to the development of numerous LED technologies that produce a variety of different light spectra, […]

App note: LEDs – The future of horticultural lighting

LEDs used in a controlled environment greenhouse farms, an app note from Würth Elektronik. Link here (PDF) Greenhouse farms may not be a new technology but with an every growing world population and the move towards sustainability, intensive yet highly efficient and standardized food production will increasingly become the norm in future years opening a […]

App note: The behavior of electro-magnetic radiation of power inductors in power management

Application note form Würth Elektronik about EM radiation radiated from inductors in DC-DC converters. Link here (PDF) This Application Note focuses on the Electro-Magnetic (EM) radiation behavior of power inductor(s) in DC-DC converters, which is dependent on several parameters such as ripple current, switching frequency, rise & fall time of a switching device, the core […]

App note: Influence of control loop by an output filter

Application note from Würth Elektronik about the effect of filters that are added to the output of switching regulators. Link here The output voltage of switching regulators has a voltage ripple that can disturb with electrical power supplied circuits and lead to electromagnetic disturbances. Thus output filters are often used for noise suppression, which may […]

App note: Press-Fit technology

PCB Power connection solution from Würth Elektronik, Link here As a solder free fastening technology, press-fit technology frequently offers an attractive alternative to simple soldering technology. An effective electrical press-fit connection is created by pressing a pin into the plated through hole of a circuit board and – as part of cold welding process – […]

App note: Going wireless with magnetic shielding

Efficient magnetic shielding application note from Würth Elektronik, Link here (PDF) Magnetic Field Interferences are increasing in electronic devices due to a number of factors including reduced separation distances of PCB’s, Integrated Circuits and many other sensitive components. In addition to this the extended use of magnetically coupled communication technologies (Qi-WPC, NFC, RFID, PMA, A4WP, […]

App note: Cracks on molded power inductors

App note from Würth Elektronik on WE-LHMI inductors’ visual crack apperance and their effects. This document helps understanding the influence of visual asymmetry around the core which may occur during the manufacturing process of WE-LHMI series inductors. The WE-LHMI core is not a solid core, instead it is an iron powder molded around the winding. […]

App note: USB port protection

USB port protection from EMI and ESD, a good app note from Würth Elektronik introduce you to their common mode chokes and TVS diodes solution. Whole article here in PDF. The USB-Interface might be the most distributed PC interface in the world. The usage in industry applications is more and more common. Let’s have a […]