App note: HT66FB574 single colour independent light streamer USB keyboard

Another app note from Holtek this time about their HT66FB574, a USB keyboard device that can support single color LED streamer. Link here (PDF) The video gaming industry is seeing continual increasing demand for multi-feature keyboards. These can include features such as keys with an individual LED which can display different graphical effects along with […]

Building a giant USB three key mechanical keyboard

Glen Akins shares his latest build the giant three key USB keyboard: After seeing this giant mechanical keyboard at Adafruit, I decided I had to build my own. Adafruit made theirs out of wood and used one of their Python-compatible microcontroller boards. I wanted a sloped top on my keyboard. I also wanted to check […]

App note: USB keyboard using MSP430 microcontrollers

This reference design from Texas Instruments shows how to build a USB keyboard design using a MSP430 microcontroller. The article contains the full design: the keyboard matrix, schematic, and the firmware needed to get it going. This application report describes the implementation of a USB keyboard with the following characteristics: • 101 keys, 2 LEDs: […]