ATTiny44 controlled Hatsune Miku animated techno leekspin

Scott Harden produced this project a while back and decided to pull it out of the archives and send it in. Its a mock up of a Hatsune Miku character singing a techno version of the leekspin song (hence the leek in the character’s right hand.) “The goal was to create a minature Miku which would perform perfectly in sync with audio coming from a portal music player (iPod or something) and NOT require a computer connection. I accomplished it by sending some creative control beeps out of the left channel of the stereo signal. Although I didn’t finish the project, I got pretty far with the prototype, so I decided to dig it out of the archives and share it with the world because it’s pretty entertaining!”

Full project details with schematic and code can be found on Scott’s Geek Spin website.

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