Keep an eye on the sky with the Sat-light

In this video Chirag Nagpal¬†demonstrates his¬†Sat-light project, he writes: It uses a Beaglebone Black connected to the Internet, and download TLE values of the ISS and other satellites. It then calculate the exact location of the satellites using the Python Library PyEphem. Incase one of the Satellites is hovering above, it lights up! This is […]

Ruxcon 2011: Hacking the wireless world with SDR

Software engineer and perpetural hacker Balint Seeber presented this talk at the Ruxcon 2011 conference held November 19-20, 2011 in Melbourne, AU. Balint presents those unfamiliar with SDR with the basics of the hardware and software you’ll need and highlights what’s out there in the lesser known areas of the RF spectrum. He explains some […]