Confusion over SDR# vs OpenSDRSharp

As you may have noted in our previous posts, there exists an excellent piece of software written for use with the RTL-SDR dongle known as SDR#. If you’ve tried it you know it’s incredibly user friendly and provides immediate, full-featured use of the RTL-SDR dongle out-of-the-box. The only downside, of course, is that it’s developed […]

Decoding P25 with SDR#, DSD, and RTLSDR

This is another illustration of the amazing utility of the RTL-SDR and SDR# software. Here proct0r links the output from SDR# to a program known as DSD. DSD is an open source command line program originally coded in C by anonymous for Linux for the purpose of decoding digital protocols via a PC soundcard.

RTL-SDR and Backtrack5 R2

Inspired by the securestate article “All Your 900 MHz Are Belong to Us”, the hack4fun crew wondered about the potential for using the RTL-SDR dongle with Backtrack5 Linux distro. They were able to easily install the drivers and related software to use the RTL-SDR with GNU Radio and GNU Radio-companion and have written this article […]

Interesting radio frequency: pirates on SATCOM — 255 MHz

This video highlights another interesting frequency to try with your SDR dongle: 255 MHz. trylleklovn reports that, “Using gqrx with my newsky dvb-t dongle (rtlsdr) to listen to the geostationary SATCOM which is frequently utilized by Brazil radio pirates.” Gqrx is a free and open source SDR for Linux and Mac designed by amateur radio […]