Recommended usage of Microchip serial RTCC devices

  Another good app note from Microchip, a guidance in using the Microchip RTCC family of devices (PDF): This application note provides assistance and guidance in using the Microchip RTCC family of devices. This application note covers both the I 2C™ (MCP794XX) and SPI (MCP795XXX) family of devices. These recommendations are not meant as requirements, however, their […]

App note: Software real time clock and calendar.

Here is an app note from Microchip that provides information on how to implement a real time clock and calendar on the PIC16f18xx series of microcontrollers. It uses an external 32.768KHz crystal that drives the Timer1 resource of the uC. The neat thing about a 32.768Khz clock source is that it can be divided by […]

App note: using Microchip serial RTCC

Microchip has released an application note outlining usage of their serial RTCC devices. Many embedded systems require some form of accurate timekeeping. There are a growing number of applications that require an external Real-Time Clock/ Calendar (RTCC) and higher integration of external peripheral components into the RTCC. In order to achieve a highly robust and […]