App note: Demodulating communication signals of Qi-compliant low-power wireless charger using MC56F8006 DSC

Demodulating the Qi standard wireless power charger app note(PDF) using MC56F8006 digital signal controller from Freescale Semiconductor. Wireless power is becoming more and more popular today, through which a number of electronic items like mobiles, laptops, media players, can be charged without cords or wires. It is beginning to show great potential in the consumer […]

App note: Low-power wireless charger transmitter design using MC56F8006 digital signal controller

An app note(PDF) from Freescale Semiconductor on 5-16V, free positioning multiple primary coils “Qi” compatible wireless power transmitter. Wireless power transmission system transfers electrical power from transmitter to receiver without any wire connection. Due to safety, freedom, reliable, convenient and long life, wireless charging is popular, and widely used in everything such as toothbrushes, LED […]